Every Goldbeard guitar can be tailored to your hands. Options include body style and size, hardware, design detail and many more. Built to the highest standard of playability, they satisfy even the most discerning of artists. Goldbeard guitars are visually unique - trade mark detailing and custom designs make them hard to stop looking at.

Whether you've had a slight mis-hap that needs some remedial attention, have an old guitar that wants dusting off and bringing back to life, or are just plain frustrated with how your instrument plays, Goldbeard can help. If you've worn out your instrument we cover repairs of all scope and have a great deal of experience doing so. 

Ever wondered how an instrument is put together? Ever considered making one for yourself? Our founder and Head-tinkerer Dave Gilberd is an experienced instrument maker and tutor. Goldbeard runs courses in Ukulele making and Guitar making. Small classes, high standards, and a table-tennis table for when the glue is drying.

"Dave has put so much love and soul into it and you can hear it when she is being played. She looks absolutely stunning and his workmanship in incredible! For me though, it’s the sound - the rich, even tones - so defined and warm! I love it! She is a taonga (treasure) to me."

                                                                           - Warren Maxwell, Trinity Roots.