$80 / hour + materials

Accidents happen – it just means you’re using your instrument! We’ve seen some mighty dents and cracks in our time, and so far we’ve saved them all from oblivion. Bring your instrument in for a free assessment and let us make it whole again.
$80 / hour + materials


$80 / hour + parts

Have an old guitar pickling under the bed, begging for a second chance? No doubt its strings are a bit shot and there may be other maintenance needs. Get it down to us for a tickle up and bring the old gal back into use again.

Re-string & adjust action: $45 + strings
Fret Level: $170 + strings
Re-fret: $345 + fretwire + strings

Guitars are “live” instruments – they bend and change over time. Regular players, especially, may not notice these little shifts. We’re experts in ironing out the kinks… you’ll be surprised by how new she’ll feel again.

"I thought it was a write-off... can't believe how good it plays after such a major break was repaired!"

- Zack -

"I find it hard to put it down again after a long time away from playing!" 

- Gordon -

"Thanks for the great work you did on my guitar, it is playing beautifully - a new element to the sound!" 

- Jonathan -